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I recognise that there are many people out there who feel that they have not received proper guidance in both their personal and professional lives. This could be due to many internal and external factors:
Internal factors such as: Your thought organisation and emotional control.
External factors such as: Your parental, social and educational influence and support.

In consequence to this, many individuals attempt to constantly fill ‘voids’ in their life in many different ways such as unnecessary: material, people and substance obsessions, without understanding the root cause of their behaviours and how to effectively overcome it.

My experience and professional background takes people on a journey to explore themselves and the world around them. 

This allows people to live a more present, positive and balanced lifestyle as they are able to quickly recognise ‘triggers’ in their life and how to manage and overcome them effectively.

Inspiring from dreams to reality is an intangible concept for most people in general. Winning in Personal, Professional, Business or Social life starts with a winning mind-set. So if you are going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big & positive!  …here..directly with B.K. Hayer… 

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Self knowledge is your power build your self knowledge & build your power! 

Holistic Life Coach

  1. What is most important to me?
  2. What are my forgotten/abandoned dreams? 
  3. What does abandoning my real dreams and perhaps compromising them make me feel like? 
  4. What would achieveing my real dreams make me feel like?
  5. What are my foremost aims?
  6. Which assets will be most valuable in helping me to achieve them?
  7. What are my utmost abilities and talents?
  8. How can I make the greatest use of them?
  9. What is the maximum productive action that I can take in my current situation?
  10. Who are the correct people with whom to share my objectives and visions to help me to polish them up.


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Decode your limitations here with B.K. Hayer the founder of Inspirational Valley A-Z mini book series.

A Clients Overall/Holistic Ascending Energy Profile

Holistic Energy Profile in 2012
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  • Intellectual Profile
  • Creative Profile
  • Personal Profile
  • Spiritual Profile
Holistic Energy Profile in 2014
  • Physical Profile
  • Emotional Profile
  • Intellectual Profile
  • Creative Profile
  • Personal Profile
  • Spiritual Profile
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“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the lustre of it will never appear” - Daniel Defoe