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Professional Support Area

Are you lost for Choice?

Do you need Direction?

Do you find it Difficult to make Decisions? 

Relevant Niches that we offer under the "Professional Support" Area.

  • Career Coaching: Are you lost for Choice? Do you need Direction? Do you find it difficult to make Decisions? 
  • Communication: Anything from Assertiveness, Rapport Building to Public Speaking/Presenting.
  • Conflict Management: Anything from Mediation to Cultural Conflict & Fitting in, in the work place!
  • Team-Building: Various Strategies & Technigues for buildig trust, communication and overall better Working Relationships.
  • Technology Booster: A Boost & a "Pick me Up! "to Keep Up with the Current Packages in the Work Place, this could also be a "Pick me Up" & a "Confidence Booster" before an Interview or when Returning to Work after a Break.
  • Applications & Interviews: From Filling in an Exceptional Application Form to Full Interview Guidance.
  • Job Search & Apprenticeships: Help & Support with the Right Place to look for the Right type of Job or Training for you.


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“In societies where men are truly confident of their own worth, women are not merely tolerated but valued.” - Aung Sang Suu Kyi (1945)