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 Life Coaching Support - Social Area


Anger is a strong emotion and can be passive and aggressive.  It has its own function as it is part of our emotional defence and a way of telling ourselves that we are getting into a physical or emotionally unsafe area.  However when anger controls us and we react without thinking, it effects our life. 

Learning to resolve conflicts and control our reaction is critical to maintaining high emotional energy level.  However a good balance to avoid being Passive and Aggressive is to practice being Assertive and Restorative.

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Holistic Life Coach

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Effective Communication

Conflict Management

Confidence Building  - Assertiveness

Confidence Building - Small Talk

Confidence Building - Social Events

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Life Support - Spiritual Area


Just for a few minutes a day let’s stop running the show and just allow! Let’s stop trying to make anything happen.  This is the time when we are saying to our source energy, to our inner being, to our divinity “Here I am in a state of allowing”, I am allowing source energy to flow purely through me.  

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Holistic Life Coach

Power of Thoughts

We accept the principle that our thoughts are accountable for the type of life we live and what we call realism is the reproduction of the estimate of our own beliefs, thoughts and feelings, through "law of attraction" we discover an enormous secret of the various genius minds that walked the earth long before us.     

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Law/effects of Karma

Law of Attraction

Price per package e.g . Full day: £150

“In societies where men are truly confident of their own worth, women are not merely tolerated but valued.” - Aung Sang Suu Kyi (1945)