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Making Quantum Leaps & Knowing Zero Limits

Holistic Life Coach

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Making Quantum Leaps & Knowing Zero Limits

About Life Coaching and Support

What you need to know about me...

I can help and support you to:

Realize your dreams/goals,

Plan them, Achieve them,

Maintain them, Enjoy them,

& Keep on Improving them!

“I have been through the journey myself and through real life experiences, knowledge and vast training, I have succesfully been able to achieve all my life goals.”

Holistic Life Coach

When growing up I didnt have much of a support network-nor a positive or exemplary role model to derive examples from, when trying to figure out how to deal with many of life's hurdles.

So during this time I struggled, feeling worried, anxious and at times overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or even how to start. 

I had to work hard on self improvement, and obtaining the skills I needed to survive such times of "isolation". 

I did not only survive but I learnt to thrive! and I can now say I achieved more than I ever thought possible back then. Because of that time I spent on development and reflection I am now able to offer these to others, and I enjoy doing so.

Combining the "know how" I now have with my natural approachable character, that people naturally open up to me and I enjoy helping others find the power in themselves that I have found in myself to feel more equipt to deal with their "own version" of life. Due to this passion:

  • I have now worked as a coaching tutor for over six years in Leeds City College, where I deliver tutorials on various very important and sensitive topics to enable our students to stay safe and be healthy in all aspects, and to progress in their individual academic goals.
  • Alongside this I also arrange various termly events where I liaise with numerous external charities and contacts from internal depts. For provision to cover a wide range of very sensitive and crucial topics first-hand by experienced speakers wherever possible. 
  • Eight years ago, I had my own first self-help book "Making Quantum Leaps & Knowing Zero Limits" published. 
  • Recently my mini e-book "Lifelong Lessons" has been made available on Amazon too.
  • My upcoming series of six "A-Z mini e-books" in various self-help topics making their way to Amazon this summer.

I have a teaching, assessing, coaching, and writing background along with further following qualifications and training.

Besides various examples of setting myself personal and professional goals over the years and exceeding my targets, I am a big believer and a practitioner of lifelong learning.

Here are some of "My Own" holistic life experiences:

  • Pursuing my dream of becoming a graduate in Business & IT after having four children and whilst working 30 hours per week.
  • Continuing to achieve my "Teaching" & "Assessing" qualifications & building on relevant experience in the vital areas of my interests.
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: Building my own business, pursuing my full time career in education & interest in property development too.
  • Challenging & Pursuing my own creativity by designing & planning my own website and writing books.
  • Always remaining focused towards my goals & becoming an author of "Self Help Books" and becoming the founder of "Inspirational Valley A-Z mini books" which make a perfect gift and are a starting point to something bigger, better and much larger.
  • Pursuing my dream of travelling the world & seeing the "Seven Wonders of the World"
  • Maintaining Self: Health, Weight & Appearance through diet, exercise and a connection with my higher self with regular yoga and meditation practices.
  • Creating and launching Inspirational Valley T shirts.
  • Successfully raising a strong & grounded family.
  • Building & Maintaining strong relationships & friendships with people that I value, respect & hold close to my heart.
  • Always setting myself new annual goals, deadlines & challenges e.g. Future focus is to plan and to arrange exciting retreats in both Goa and Amritsar!
“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”