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Holistic Life Coach

What is Holistic Life Coaching with B.K. Hayer?

Holistic Life Coach

Coaching with B.K. can be the first step to recognising whats most important to you and then working on separating those important and so called diamonds from the stones.

Therefore coaching is about raising awareness in your blind spot areas, enabling you to see the potential and enhancing your focus on what really matters, in other words enabling you to separate the precious fruitful seeds from the rubble.

Once you have separated those diamonds/fruits they will need to be polished for their full lustre to appear. So whilst opening your vision across those blind spots and widening it to your choices and setting your goals through encouraging you to take responsibility and to take actions in order to make things happen in your way in your life! We do this by raising the levels of your commitment through follow up of action plans bringing about change through self awakening of knowledge and true purpose to achieving your goals to meet your desired outcomes in your Personal, Professional, Social & Spiritual life areas. We also highly recommend that you see the introduction video on the homepage.

"Remember the soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and it must be polished, or the full lustre of it will never appear” 

Coaching can take place face to face in the Leeds area, or via telephone & skype! (Distance is no object!) & via email everywhere else. Please get in touch for more details.

Programme Packages & Support:

Option 1: The High Flyer! (Luminary) Package = £250

This package is ideal for coaching with overall holistic issues, covering coaching support for up to 90 days (3 months)


  • A full day (6 hours) calls via Skype with scheduled break times.
  • 2 x 30 minutes follow up calls at a month apart. E.g. middle and end of programme.
  • Email support during the first 60 days (two months).
  • Personalised Action Plans
  • Full Access to Resources/Supplement Materials as needed

Option 2 - The Go Getter! (Instance Response) Package = £49

This package is ideal for an Urgent and ASAP access for a Coaching Mentor.


  • Hourly rate as indicated above
  • Full Summary
  • Full Access to Resources/Supplement Materials as needed

Option 3 - The Leading Light! (Day to Day Achiever) Package = £135

This package is ideal for majority of clients and their issuses.


  • 4 x 30 minutes calls over two months . E.g. Fortnightly over two month. 
  • Email support for 30 days e.g. 1 month/4 weeks.
  • Customised Support with what you are needing right now!
  • Customised Resources, PDF or other
  • Customised Feedback on Strategy
  • Customised Action Steps inbetween calls


Upcoming Package/s:

Option 4:  Holistic Health Revival (Inspirational Valley Glam Cam Retreat) Package 

Option 5: Couples Retreat  Package

Package Details to Follow


All bookings to be paid in advance by Pay Pal.

24 hour notice of cancellation is requested.

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation and a pinch of creativity” - Bo Bonnet