B.K. Hayer Helps
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Making Quantum Leaps & Knowing Zero Limits

Holistic Life Coach

 Book & Coaching Reviews:

Thomas W Hartquist, Professor of Astrophysics

Thomas W Hartquist

B.K. Hayer’s admirable aim in writing her comprehensive book is to provide each reader with “a holistic approach” in a “One Stop” guide to taking all of their “life skills to the peak level” to allow them to be their “optimal” self.

In the introduction, Ms Hayer mentions the inspiration gained on her travels to India and China. She certainly draws from wonderful traditions of Eastern knowledge. However, she refers to a great deal of the best of the wisdom from many cultures.

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Laiqa Sheikh, Educationalist, Open College Network, England

Book review - Laiqa SheikhMaking Quantum Leaps and knowing Zero Limits is a book which encompasses a broad range of knowledge and techniques for personal, professional and spiritual development.

The writer has very generously shared her own life journey of self enlightenment and development.

Each chapter has practical tips and exercises to help readers to start the journey of self development and help achieve their set goals.

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Simon Wellings, Leeds University

Book review - Simon WellingMaking Quantum Leaps and Knowing Zero Limits is one of those books that come along all too rarely. In a sense there is nothing new here – the book has it’s roots in such ideas as The Law of Attraction and The Human Potential Movement – but it’s done in such a novel and interesting way that it forces the audience to think less conceptually and more practically about what will work for them in their lives.

And the author’s enthusiasm and warmth bubbles out of every page.

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Kammi Kaur, ILM/ City & Guilds Assessor

Having to deliver and create a wide range of teaching resources and delivery sessions to a diverse group of learners can bring about their own barriers to education; this can be either or a combination of personal, social or educational.

It is therefore sometimes difficult to motivate and progress the learners journey without overcoming with these barriers to learning first. 

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Aliya, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor/Body Builder

Book review - AliyaI am preparing to compete in a Bodybuilding contest in May next year. To help me prepare for this B.K. helped me to break down the different stages by looking at my weaknesses and strengths and working to bring congruence between both the inner and the outer game of focus.

B.K. then helped me to work on eliminating my weaknesses one by one building my confidence.

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Beverley Clark, Learning Support Assistant

Beverley Clark I very much enjoyed this book and it has really inspired me to make some positive steps to change my life. It is an amazingly informative book which I am hoping will help me improve the quality of my life and stop all the negative thinking.

I particularly enjoyed how the book explored the relationship between body and mind working as one and how to find the happiness already within us. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to improve their sense of well being!

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“Work on and maintain humble minds and deep wisdom” B.K. Hayer